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SIITS is a trusted IT partner for small, medium, and large business houses in India. With our expertise in IT management, we provide reliable and efficient solutions to enhance your business operations. Our dedicated team ensures seamless IT support, allowing you to concentrate on business growth. Partner with us and experience the power of technology for your success.

SIITS is a leading managed service provider (MSP) offering a comprehensive suite of IT services to Indian firms. As a network services provider, SIITS excels in designing, implementing, and managing robust and secure network infrastructures. Their team of certified network engineers ensures seamless connectivity, efficient data transfer, and proactive monitoring to identify and resolve network issues before they impact business operations. With SIITS as their trusted MSP, Indian firms can focus on core business activities while enjoying a reliable and high-performing network environment.

In addition to network services, SIITS provides top-notch backup solutions to safeguard critical data for Indian firms. Their managed backup services include both on-premises and cloud backup options, ensuring data redundancy and accessibility from anywhere. With advanced encryption and continuous monitoring, SIITS ensures data integrity and provides swift recovery options in case of data loss, ensuring Indian firms have peace of mind knowing their valuable information is protected.

SIITS takes email security to the next level with their advanced email security services. By deploying cutting-edge threat detection and prevention mechanisms, they effectively shield Indian firms from phishing attempts, malware, and other email-based attacks. Their email encryption solutions ensure sensitive data remains confidential, while robust authentication protocols thwart domain impersonation and email spoofing. With SIITS managing their email security, Indian firms can maintain a secure communication environment and bolster their defense against cyber threats.

For application server support, SIITS offers comprehensive assistance to Indian firms, ensuring optimal performance and availability of critical applications. Their team of experienced server administrators provides ongoing monitoring, proactive maintenance, and timely issue resolution. Whether it's on-premises servers or cloud-based applications, SIITS ensures seamless integration, scalability, and security, helping Indian firms achieve peak application performance.

SIITS extends its managed services to encompass on-premises and cloud server support. For on-premises server environments, their expert team offers proactive management, security updates, and regular backups, minimizing downtime and optimizing server performance for Indian firms. Meanwhile, their cloud server support services cater to Indian firms seeking to embrace cloud technology. SIITS assists with cloud migration, architecture design, security implementation, and ongoing optimization, empowering Indian firms to harness the full potential of the cloud.

Beyond IT services, SIITS provides crucial HR and accounting support to Indian firms. By outsourcing HR tasks, such as payroll processing, recruitment, and employee benefits administration, businesses can streamline their HR operations and focus on strategic initiatives. Additionally, SIITS ensures smooth financial management through professional accounting services, including bookkeeping, tax compliance, and financial reporting. Their expertise in HR and accounting allows Indian firms to optimize their human capital and financial resources, enabling sustainable growth and success.

In summary, SIITS is a trusted managed service provider for Indian firms, offering network services, backup solutions, advanced email security, app server support, on-premises server support, cloud server support, HR support, and accounting support. With their dedicated team of experts, cutting-edge technologies, and customer-centric approach, SIITS empowers Indian firms to thrive in the digital era, ensuring reliable and secure IT infrastructure and seamless management of essential business functions.

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two person handshaking

SIITS: An expert IT Outsourcing Consultation for Optimal Solutions

SIITS Pledge

At Sun Infotech IT Services (SIITS), our mission is to lead by example in the pursuit of environmental sustainability. We are committed to minimizing our carbon footprint through innovative practices and conscious choices. By harnessing technology and adopting eco-friendly solutions, we aim to reduce energy consumption, limit waste generation, and promote responsible resource management

SIITS Vision

In tandem with our commitment to an inclusive work environment, our vision for customer service is equally resolute. We aspire to provide our customers with unparalleled services that exceed expectations. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, continuous innovation, and a deep understanding of our customers' needs, we strive to deliver solutions that empower their success.

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We provide reliable IT support for printers, fax, windows servers, and more, ensuring smooth day to day operations for your business.

Efficient Accounting Services

Comprehensive HR Solutions

Reliable IT Support

Our HR support system helps streamline your human resources processes, hiring, budgeting, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

We offer most efficient GST compliant accounting support to our Indian clients, ensuring accurate financial management for their businesses.

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